the ultimate solution for any city

project case example

Arequipa in Peru has a population of 1.000.000 peoples

They consuming 135.000.000 kg vegetable

They consuming 10.000.000 kg fish per year

They producing 600.000 metric tones of waste every year

They consuming 5.000 MWh

The AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Park is the perfect solution for any city in waste to energy and organic food...

By cleaning our mother earth for all of us

We growing 30.000.000 kg organic food

We create more than 1000 jobs at each location

Did you know we producing 120 MWH electricity?

and growing 3.000.000 kg healthy fish

in Greece - in Spain -  in Mexico - in Venezuela - in Peru - in Columbia - in Brazil - in Canada - in America - in Russia - in Republic Domenica - in Africa - in Croatia - in India...

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