Colombia, 13th of July 16

Together with the contracted construction cooperativa AVIS Global Green Energy Fund Limited send €250Million for the actual start of the first demonstration facility. The industrial park will be up and run within 12 months and generate 1000 jobs and clear the envoironment for 1 million peoples 

Maracaibo , 10th of July 16
PDVSA invited AVIS Tech Mexico SA under the guideline of its CEO Ramon Madero taking care of 15 million metric tons of Coque. Initially the plan has been to export and ship the by-product of petrol to the international market.
The AVIS team offered instead to develop a complicated plan of loading to convert the high quality product to Kerosene at the location itself by sending 4 AVIS reactor tubes there. 
The benefit of the production will be help PDVSA and AVIS to finance the 30 AVIS Global Green Industrial Parks under development in Venezuela.

Cartagena 27th March 2016

AVIS Energy Colombia S.A.S. has been launched to develop the Columbia territories. The Firm has been capitalized with 600 ha and 1400 ha first class beach front construction land. The Green Energy Facility will be erected at a strategic location to where municipal waste from different municipals can be delivered to the facility. In a subsequent stage the facility will feed with power and healthy food a modern satellite urbanisation project.

Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic

2face paradise. The environmental situation is a pure disaster. Well AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Parks are coming. The team is negotiating to reconvert the poisoned land back to its paradise face.

The green energy parks are the only solution to build up an intelligent logistic, re-placing the missing governmental environmental management.

15th April 2016, El Salvador

AVIS reachd El Salavador with primarly understandings for the developments of green energy industrial parks.

20th April 2016, Columbia

AVIS Latin America team is heading to its meetings with local governament for signing agreements to launch the AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Parks.


AVIS Energy (UK) C. Bassiri, Birmingham with its web without any authorization. The London - Nigeria based misusing the trademark registered brand name of ®AVIS Global Energy. E. Lopez, based in Zaragoza and Mexico, Arturo J. Morales, Mexico, F. Josiah, misusing the AVIS Global Energy group of firms. For any inquire contact at


Edición Impresa del 12 de Abril de 2016

Invertirán 300 millones de euros en parque industrial ecológico de Chiclayo

Aceptación. Propuesta de Avis Global Energy tiene la aceptación del 80% de los alcaldes de Lambayeque. Se procesará mil toneladas de residuos sólidos al día.

Minister Senen Cantillo and the president of Tierra y Vida. signed for the new development for Energy Industrial Parks at the entierly territorila of Columbia.

AVIS Global Humanitarian Foundation starts parallel with the construction of the AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Parks its activity. Core arrangements are microcredits to the populations, hospitably and education.

A member of AVIS Global Energy, specialized in handling of  Sovereign debts and commercial securities. The public traded institution registered in due curse as well at the London and Singapore exchange is handling the construction capital management, microcredits and treasury servising of the AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Parks. The new international team is experienced in collaterization processes together with the AVIS Bank global network.

 Risk free infrastructure finance for green energy projects is the target of the banking system.  AVIS Bank   will  further    merger with   a    South    American and   further with a African bank as the green energy industrial parks are erected most in the un-developed   areas

The Foundation is recruiting experienced ambassadors world -wide to develop the Foundation activity​

the caribian environment program

AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Parks acting for and 3 City mayors respecting the environmental program of UNEP agreed and signed at Cartagena de Indias, 31 March 2016 – Latin American and Caribbean Ministers of Environment committed on Thursday to accelerate collective action on a set of priorities ranging from climate change and air quality to safe management of chemicals, ahead of the second UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-2), which will convene in Nairobi, Kenya, in May.                       read more:

22 million peoples get hopE

In the last second the developer of the mega project decided to erect a AVIS Green Energy Industrial Parks instead the old outdated technology offered from a Spanish constructor. The first phase will cost 1,3 billion USD and will solve the catastrophic environment problem of Mexico City. The finance has been agreed and fully guaranteed. In less then 3 months should start the development.  

The existing project will be edited, respecting the hall construction at the location to the format of the AVIS Global Green Energy Parks. The new technology assembling will cover part of the energy and organic food consumption of Mexico City.

latin america has voted for avis green energy industrial parks

Peru after 7 years negotiating

Fernando Cisneros con Ivy Beltran de Bolivia, Presente en el (XX) Foro de Ministros del Medio Ambiente, Jordi Pon PNUMA Chemicals and Waste Regional Coordinator, Juan Carlos Diaz Coordinador cooperacion lnal Min. Ambiente Guatemala, Lorna Innis UNEP, Ministro de Ambiente de Peru Manuel Pulgar Vidal, Ministro de Ambiente Guatemala Sydney Alexander Samuels Milson, Ruben Munoz Robles Director Cooperacion lnal Min. Ambiente Costa Rica, Sidney Alexander Samuels Milson Ministro de Ambiente Guatemala, Viceministra Cooperacion y Asuntos lnternacionales MinAmbiente, Republica Dominicana, Ministra de Ambiente de Panama Mirei Endara, Ministro de Ambiente Argentina, Ministro de Ambiente Chile PABLO BADENIER MARTINEZ, Ministro de Ambiente de Colombia Gabriel Vallejo, Ministro de Ambiente de Costa Rica Dr. Edgar Gutierrez Espeleta, Ministro de Ambiente de Peru Manuel Pulgar Vidal, CJ Ministro de Ambiente de Colombia Gabriel Vallejo, Ministro de Ambiente de Costa Rica, Dr. Edgar Gutierrez Espeleta, Pedro Cunha (, Representante de Honduras Ministerio de Ambiente, Mariangel Perez Directora General Oficina de lnternational Popular de Ecosocialismo y Aguas Venezuela, Mariangel Perez Directora General Oficina de lnt. Popular de Ecosocialismo y Aguas Venezuela, Mark Griffith Senior Programme Officer PNUMA, Medio Ambiente Colombia Gabriel Vallejo, Medio Ambiente Gabriel Vallejo, Rosa Otero Nieves Directora Cooperacion Comercio Ministerio de Ambiente Republica Dominicana, Vice Ministro Minambiente Colombia Dr. Pablo Vieira Samper

Peru, 31rd March 2016,

The second largest city of the country confirmed today licences and land for the construction of an AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Park.


read more:

3rd and 4th quarter of year 2015,

The Greece team entered into negotiations with the Alexandria municipality, Thessaloniki waste authorities, Athens, Thessalia prefecture, province authorities from Thrace, and Piraeus waste collection authorities  for solving the existing environment problems from the open field waste for their population. Agreement has been reached to erect same green energy park at Alexandria, Thessaloniki, Athens, Thessaly, Thrace and Piraeus.   Alexandria, Central Macedonia, city of Alexandria, City of Veroia, City of Naousa, city of Katerini, 350.000 peoples. Quantity of annual waste 300.000 MT. The Green Energy Industrial Park construction will cost €275M. Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, 1.200.000 peoples. Quantity of annual waste 850.000 MT. The Green Energy Industrial Park construction will cost €500.0 M. Athens, province of Athens, 4.500.000 peoples. Quantity of annual waste 4.000.000 MT per year. The Green Energy Industrial Park construction will cost 3 x €250. Province of Thessaly, city of Larissa, city of Volos, City of Trikala, city of Karditsa, 450.000 peoples. Quantity of annual waste ca 350.000 MT. The Green Energy Industrial Park construction will cost €250M.

March 29, 2016

Lorna Inniss UNEP UN together with Fernando Carrillo AVIS Energy South America Group Manager - JF Latin America, speeks at the forum of Ministers of Environment Latin America. AVIS becomes a principal player in humanitarian actions for the environment.​

Province of Thrace, city of Kavala, City of Xanthi, City of Komitini, City of Alexandroupolis, Island of Thassos, 500.000 peoples. Quantity of annual waste 450.000MT. The Green Energy Industrial Park construction will cost €311M.

Piraeus city, Athens, 1.000.000 peoples. Quantities of annual waste 850.000MT. The Green Energy Industrial Park construction will cost 2x€250.0 M.​

Cartagena 28 March 2016

Ministers of Latin America and Caribe are holding meetings about fundamental needs for saving environment. Meanwhile the AVIS Global team acts and starts development of land for constructing the first AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Park in Cartagena​.

The project   will    start

soon,   the construction

licences are guaranteed

1000   jobs,    electricity

and      organic       food

will be available for the population 12 months after licences are obtained.

Tesaloniki, 2016

About political issues for the Greece construction has been appointed a powerfull construction  firm as frenchise parnter in June 2016. 

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AVIS helps Venezuelas population

AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Parks will help the country to improve fundamentally their disastrous situation. Due to political problems ongoing and based on international oil price politics the entire country suffers. Regardless on power struggling and streaming’s the AVIS Global Energy team decided to try to support the population by producing the food and energy requirements of the country through green energy parks erected at nearby any city of the country​.


read more:

Spain, June 2015 , January 2016

Through lawyers from Toledo, the AVIS Global Energy team was informed about an industrial plot available to erect a demonstration plant close to Madrid. The team started to plan out details for the plant. Unfortunately, it appeared that the law firm had just their own fee squeezing in mind rather than developing a real project. The AVIS plant would create more than 1000 jobs and produce a turnover of more than 100 Million in that region. After more than Euros 150.000 which were paid to the lawyers they delayed the entire development on purpose in order to collect more fees. Furthermore, AVIS discovered that the law firm tried to control the capital on the AVIS projects internationally. Still nobody has been talking about the environmental advantages of converting waste to energy and of organic food production for Spain. Spain need's several AVIS projects badly.Thankfully, the AVIS team has entered into discussions with the Spanish engineering firm involved with the demonstration plant project, which has been running flawlessly, and without interruption, since 2013.  With some effort from AVIS team, the project development will be completed in Spain this year.


South America has woken up


Governments have cleared ground for launching new green technlogies to cleanmother earth, generate energy and produce organic food.

March of 2016,

AVIS team South America developed the largest waste-to-energy plan worldwide at the periphery of Mexico City.  The Avis Green Energy Industrial Park will have a greenhouse section which will produce more than 50 million MT/ year of organic food and 5,000 MT/year of organic raised sea fish. This innovative project will produce electricity, high-quality synthetic diesel and gas. The facility will be erected in Axapusco, 3 km Carretera Otumba-Cd. Sahagun Autopista Arco Norte a 9 km FFCC Ferrosur: atraviesa por un costado del CEGEN. 

The construction of this Avis Global Green Energy Industry Park is expected to start in November of 2016 and will have a final conversion capacity of more than 10,000,000MT/year, constructed in phases. The transport of this massive amount of municipal waste from Mexico City will be done by train and electric-powered waste collecting trucks.

This project is completly financed by AVIS Global Green Fund and guaranteed by the Sovereign Department of Mexico. Initially, a Spanish construction company developed the site with a traditional gasification system. In February 2016, however, due to an effort to stay compliant with new global regulations and standards, the local developer decided to improve the project and upgrade to the AVIS system, which is the most technologically-advanced and eco-friendly system on the market.

December 01, 2015 Peru

The AVIS Global Energy team began developing territories in Peru for the launch of several green energy industrial parks, but lacked the right joint venture partners to successfully drive the projects. In 2013, as AVIS redeveloped the South American market, the team joined with new partners and was positioned for the initial launch of six Avis Green Energy Industrial Parks in Peru. Registered with World Bank, the first project locations will be the peripheries of the principal cities of Piura, Arequipa, Chimbote, Trujillo, Puente Piedra and Villa Maria del Truinfo. The financing for the six plants is guaranteed by AVIS Global Green Energy Fund and collateralized by sovereign bonds.


Several industrial zones have been allocated and the municipalities for each have guaranteed waste management and energy management licenses to AVIS Global Energy. The first AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Park will begin production by the end of 2017. In addition, the AVIS team will initially deliver 50 electric-powered waste collecting trucks.

Greece Alexandria, October 2014

30 Ha high tech glass greenhouse with solar panels, the installation will consist of a cooperation of a combined heat and power station. With a total capacity of producing 50 MWel and with synthetic diesel production of 8 reactor tubes each 2.000 l each hour utilizing the AVIS BML catalytic de polymerization conversion process of unsorted municipal waste to 350.000 MT per year. 1000 MT each year organic grown fish production unit and a zero energy input building for packing vegetables and fish. Thomas Ferfyris and his team taking care on coordinate the technology assembling of the green energy parks.


Location, Sxoinas, Alexandria North Greece‏

Post Code location 59300

‏Satellite, north 40o 37' 44'' & east 22o 34' 24''‏

Position (WGS 85): 40°37'44.58"N, 22°34'24.54"E,

Elevation, 5 m a.s.l,

Nearest City is Alexandria Province Imathia,

distance 3,5 km

Land Type is agro-forestry areas. Max. Declination 28 degrees‏

January 01, 2016


AVIS has agreements in place with the Venezuelan government to deliver 30 plants to all major cities in the country. The AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Parks will have the capacity to produce 900.000.000 MT each year of organic food and 30.000 MT each year of organic raised sea fish. Each of the facilities will convert 350,000MT each year of municipal waste into high-quality synthetic diesel, gas and electricity. The petrol component will be further converted into innovative construction stones. 


Each Avis Global Green Energy Industrial Park will generate up to 1,000 new jobs and micro credits will be distributed via AVIS Humanitarian Foundation to the local cities to fund further education and job growth. The first facility will start its operation in 2017. The financing for these plants is secured with sovereign notes and the bond program issued by AVIS Global Green Energy Fund.

Maricaibu, Caracas

Four AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Parks, erected at the megacity of Maricaibu, will help to permanently  clean  up  the  existing   environmental meet the

population’s electricity needs and deliver 100 million metric tons of organic food and 3,000 tons of healthy sea fish to the population. 4,000 new jobs will also be created. 

Valencia and Barquisimeto in Venezuela

The Venezuela government agreed with AVIS Global Energy do construct 30 black water and disalination treatment plants
The AVIS Team in South America has been engaged form the governmanet in Venezuela to participate in restructurar the economy with the AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial technology. The capitaldevelopment has been covered by Sovereing debts and AVIS agreed to maximise it's endeavor for to deliver at shortest time possible the first technology parks 

Maricaibu, Caracas

Four AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Parks, erected at the megacity of Maricaibu, will initially help to clean Calabozo, San Fernando de Apure, Merida, San Christobal and other cities of Venezuela that have engaged the AVIS team. Black water treatment and desalinization are added benefits of these mega industrial parks.






The Venezuela Governmanet agreed with AVIS Global Energy do construct 30 black water and disalination treatment plants

Colombia, Bogoto March 2016

Columbia decided to maintain and protect its natural habitat by ordering for the construction of 50 AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Parks.  As part of the agreement, AVIS will also provide desalination facilities and black water treatment systems. The entire contract and project is financed and secured by Columbian Sovereign notes and Avis Global Green Energy Fund Bond issue.

The projects will create an estimated 10,000 jobs and a new organization to support to Columbia’s environmental infrastructure. The AVIS Humanitarian Foundation will guarantee, through AVIS Bank, micro credits to the population to continue adding in the development of additional jobs, education and infrastructure.

the americaN green energy wave is launched

the green energy fraud

Still today the reality is that there are around the world the mayor construction corporation including the VIP energy lobbies offering to the people old poisonous and cancer producing “waste2energy” plants. These plants are simple, old gasification processes technology been around for many years. They are extremely expensive, uneconomical and cancer producing. The high amount of exhaust gases they cleaning is a complicated process. All these companies don’t care that “its time to change” and about the CO2 world problem. They are exclusively interested in the many millions they recieve from the communities in gate fees by misusing its waste. This current corrupt system are mayor scams against the local citizens as these technologies have nothing to do with todays required environmental friendly technologies. These energy lobbyists are using “green energy” “state of the art technology” and other popular words to distribute their stone age and poisonous technologies. There enormous world power presence and existing capital base are the only reason that they are still launching their plants. Thankfully, the leaders and people are waking up by becoming more Green conscious.

Russia and the Balkan countries has ordered 50 AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Plants until March 2016 to generate energy and organic food by closing old facilities still working in waste treatment, poisoning mother earth

September 2015, Moscow

The cities of Kalinigrad, Latvia, Moscow, Belarus, Azerbijan agreed to develop AVIS Global Green Energy Parks. In March 2016, the team reached a joint venture agreement with a powerful American/Russian energy company for the construction of up to 50 facilities. The energy company has engaged to deliver €6 billion capital coverage to AVIS Global Green Energy Fund, Ltd

In June 2014 the AVIS Global Energy team started to develop the territories of North America. Unfortunately, the AVIS team entered into a war against mafia structures and greedy individuals. It is the hard reality that the powerful waste energy lobby are controlling and protecting old structures established against any new ecofriendly innovative energy systems. Rather than supporting the AVIS team they protected only their private interests and against the most powerful green energy project of the 21 century. However, in the end of 2015 the AVIS team joint a new USA partner for the launch of the North American green energy wave. It has been agreed that 50 plants will be erected. The first AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Parks will be launched in Arizona, Nevada, Utah, CA, Colorado, Washington, New Mexico and Oregon. The total finance requirements are guaranteed by USA treasuries to be transferred to AVIS Global Green Energy Fund, Ltd. Furthermore, $3 billion cash have been initially made available for project start in March 2016. Land and licenses are agreed and contracted.​


Waterfront City, (Reuters)

The dream of Lagos, but the reality looks quite different.

Without any shade of doubt, solid waste is currently one of the biggest environmental concerns presently experienced in the Lagos metropolis, as in many other Nigerian urban centers. There has been a constant upswing in the annual volume of solid waste generated in various cities and towns in the country. Lagos is however in the lead in the amount of solid waste generated yearly in the country.


The Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) is doing a yeoman’s job in solid wastes evacuation from households in Lagos. LAWMA engages, coordinates and evaluates the activities of the Private Sector Participant (PSP) in Municipal Solid Waste collection. PSP collects household waste once or twice a week. The Lagos State Government provides 240 liters bin for every household in the state. Ever truly wondered what those you trust your wastes with do with them?


€3b will cost the first 10 Plant. In 2018 should be start production of the first facilities. The Nigerian government agreed to cover the financial requirement with sovereign dept.

Croatia, September 2015

In September 2015, the AVIS team decided to enter into negotiations for the acquisition of a banking institution. The entity that will be known as AVIS Bank will manage the treasury of AVIS Global Green Energy Fund and the AVIS Global Energy subsidiaries around the world. In February 2016, the negotiations reached were complete. The Banking unit will be further merged with a South American and an African Bank. Branches are scheduled to be opened in London, Mexico, South Africa and South America. The Bank is a publically traded treasury vehicle in Croatia and will be dual-listed on the UK and Singapore stock exchanges as well.

November 2015

The AVIS Global Energy Bond Program has launched the process with its Luxembourg Bank. The notes are more secured than a standard issue from any first class bank. The notes are collateralized by first class capital deposits, sovereign depts, insurance wrap and with first ranking mortgage at the AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial parks. The notes will be marketed by institutional syndicators 

In March 2016, the AVIS team                                       began projects in Africa, starting with eight Avis Global Green                                               Energy Industrial parks in Nigeria and is now positioned to bring                                                    healthy,  organic  food,  water and clean energy to the                                  population.  The turbulent political  climate on the continent of Africa makes                   for challenging projet launches, but  AVIS   remains steadfast in our efforts as we strongly believe Africa is a future business center and will be highly advanced in the coming years. 

Ocotober 2015

Already seems 2014 AVIS Global Energy has developed South American continent with its Mexican partners and Peru team. In Feburar 2016 has been launched the enterprice subsidiary funcion in Cartagena. The team there experienced in marekting and press has been taking care on all Latin America countries. Together with the AVIS Global Energy Mexican division the subsidiary ignitiated at the entierly continent the green energy wave.

June 2005 Zurich,

The founder of AVIS Global Energy acquired the company’s name through the purchase of AVIS Financial Corporation (an ex-member of AVIS Rent a Car system) and secured the name in an ICC proceeding. The company name and logo were subsequently secured as worldwide trademarks. The AVIS Global Energy project has been developed between 2007 until 2009 in London, whereby all legal documents and administration requirements could be created by first class law firms and managers. The issuance of green energy Medium Term Notes has been processed and launched. In 2008 the company had above €1 billion on its accounts, ready for to start the world project. In 2009 the entirely AVIS Energy London structure has been destroyed by corrupt officials bribed by the energy lobby. The engineering team subsequently erected a test facility to prove the technology in a secrete place in Germany. In 2013 then the scientist of the technology, behind the engineers, erected in Spain an industrial scale demonstration plant. In May 2014 a Mexican entrepreneur, living in Zaragoza joint the AVIS team offering to develop with AVIS technology most part of the world. Within only 2 months learning about the magnitude of the project he got crazy. In September 2014, he joined the German chef engineer PW, suffering heavy cancer treatments. He paid fees for rights to outdated technology and started to launch a side project with some individuals from Mexico. This Zaragoza entrepreneur and his team have nothing to do with the AVIS Global Energy Corporation and its world development. They are misusing the trademarked name of AVIS Global Energy and distributing outdated technology that was proven, over extensive testing, to be unsustainable and has a rolling reactor drum that will leak and malfunction over long-term use. AVIS Global Energy has since improved its technology and assembling substantially and guarantees long-term stability, functionality and sustainability.

Wusme International Workshop Waste to Energy

September 2014, Canada

AVIS Energy Global Holding Inc., a subsidiary of AVIS Global Energy Ltd., contracted its merger company with Mineral Hill Industries Ltd. (Ticker symbol: MHI). The target was a reverse-merger with the firm, registered on the Canadian stock exchange, to become a traded enterprise. It was agreed that Mineral Hill Industries Ltd. would change its name to AVIS Global Energy Ltd. and the firm will start to develop at least 3 AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Parks in Canada. Unfortunately, the directors of Mineral Hill Industries Ltd. interpreted the memorandum of understanding that the AVIS team should finance MHI penny stock shares. It was contractually agreed to first change the name to AVIS Global Energy, and deliver to AVIS, newly issued AVIS Global Energy shares. In addition to the erroneous contract interpretation, the directors of MHI tried to gain control of the technology and the entire world setup of AVIS Global Energy. Naturally, the AVIS team had to categorically deny the impossible intent and actions of the MHI directors. The AVIS Global team terminated all negotiations and agreements with the directors of MHI in 2015 and moved headquarters to Malta. The shareholders of MHI lost the opportunity to be a part of the best green energy project in the 21st century and, at the end of 2015, MHI published false statements to its shareholders and to the Canadian stock market.  MHI also tried, on several occasions, to contact and entice the AVIS engineering team to transfer patents and knowledge to MHI.  They were unsuccessful.  

licensed agents

AVIS Global Energy now maintains offices, subsidiaries and shareholders in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, U.S., Croatia, Russia, and Greece. They are team members of AVIS Global Energy and have official E-mail-ID’s. However, to be safe, you should confirm via contact application or Skype ID message “avisglobal” to be sure you are working with AVIS members and not fraudulent individuals misusing the trademark.​

avis global humanitarian foundation

Sept. 6, 2014 - Rep. of San Marino
12. "World leading waste to energy solutions - Complete Solution" by
Mr. H.J. Koenig 
Mr.  Koenig   described
early  initiatives  in Ger-
many for conversion  of
waste  into  energy.  He
elaborated    the    work
done his  company Avis
Global   Energy   in  this
area.  According  to him
the  early  initiative com-
prised of a pilot plant - first of its kind constructed at Furth, Germany by Siemens which was fully operational as a prototype waste conversion plant to produce bio energy. The plant operated on a hot thermal conversion system however it was subsequently closed due to the environmental technology concerns raised by the waste lobby groups in Germany. Siemens elected not to deal with the German lobby groups and preferred instead to close and sell the facility. Later on a leading Engineering team of Germany created a new technology replacing the hot thermal system with a revolutionary cold conversion system, thus eliminating the concerns of the German government and the Lobby groups. This new technology has earned global acclaim and has been patented worldwide. The new, environmental friendly technology converts all existing wastes and organic materials into high grade bio-oil, fertilizer and by-products, while also extracting all minerals, ferrous, non ferrous metals and polluted water into usable consumer products; all achieved with zero emissions or residues, without any odor and landfill use.
The waste conversion plant technology generates Methanol for an unlimited supply for power fuel cells, to produce electricity and water. In 2007 while Avis Energy was searching for unique alternate energy production opportunities they researched the German patented technology and realized the global potential for this new waste disposal system. Each Avis Energy Conversion plant costs about 300Million Euros to build and, in turn, it generates on average between 30 and 50 million Euros, net profit after all costs. The total investment cost of each plant is also amortized and fully paid back in less than ten years. There has already been such a market demand that the AVIS team has closed contracts between 2008 and 2014, with municipal governments and their waste contractors (joint Venture Contract). In fact, as of this time Avis Energy has negotiated to build more than 100 plants, including 10 in Brazil. At the end of 2013, the AVIS Energy Team transferred the entire project to Canada, and now with the new extended Team and partners, Avis Energy can deliver about 40 prefabricated waste conversion plants every year at industrial scale size. The Avis business model calls for each JV contractor to provide the waste infrastructure and the land, and they must become a shareholder in AVIS Energy. The JV partner retains a 20% ownership of the newly structured firm, while Avis Energy maintains the 80% balance controlling position. The plants will be financed by Medium Term Loan Program with a Credit contract structured between the Bond issuer and the Plant host firm. The Bonds are issued against first class insurance, first class Bank Bonds and collateral basket. Due to serious illness of the German leader of the engineering team, the AVIS team entered into collaboration with a leading Greece / Germany engineering team and German machinery corporation. AVIS Energy will merger with a Multi International Engineering Corporation, to guarantee the development of the BML Plants worldwide. The Corporation has currently strength of 3000 employees, enlarged to 8000 for the delivery of 20 BML plants every year. AVIS Energy plants is a world leading waste-to-energy solution which produces clean by converting waste to recycled products and other useful substances. It is a proven and well-accepted technology. Although, the initial investment is heavy particularly for the developing countries, it is well worth the environmental and financial reward. Mr. Koenig has emphasized that WUSME could play a facilitating role as it has a powerful strategic membership base.

the european team

Mission & target

Rosemarie Schell joined the AVIS family in 2013.  She serves, together with our colleague, as Ambassadress for the social responsibility for each AVIS host location country.  The principal target is to improve the local infrastructure by creating jobs and improving education and healthcare. Microcredits granted by the foundation guarantee the surrounding population is improving trade and craftsmanship.

the engineering team

The  engineering team takes initially care in assembling of the hundreds of different technologies, building together the AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Parks. They advising and schooling in the actual construction phase, its colleagues at the engineering departments of the general plant constructors.