1. What is the AVISPay account?

AVISPay is the new full banking system based on FinTech and Blockchain technology that enables customers to make and receive secure payments online. AVISPay is an unique overall solution for private, industry and institutions for day to day business.               
AVISPay intends by its new design, licenses and IT system, to replace the existing old fashion banking systems. It operates the same as any other bank except far more automated.
AVISPay is the 22nd century solution? for any family, private individual, business or high-volume industry.


2. What is AVIS Greens Cyber Currency?

It’s the first Cyber Currency based on real Gold and the value of the AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Parks construction developments worldwide. The AVIS Global Project AGs has "one2one" value to the Great Britain Pound and keeps that value. The denominations of the AGs Coins are 1,00 / 2,00 / 5,00 / 10,00 / 20,00 / 50,00 / 100,00 / 200,00 / 500,00 / 1000,00 / 5.000,00 / 10.000,00 / 100.000,00 / 1.000.000,00 and also 8,88 / 88,88/ 888,88 /   8.888,88 / 88.888,88 / 888.888,88 All Coins are 3D printed in 14 Carat Gold  Large denominations comes with 3D printed first class diamonds.
The AGs will be physically delivered as soon the 3D Printing of Gold coins is in place. The AVIS Team expecting that sometimes during 2018.  AVIS team will be offering to the public AGs to be used as a private secured payment system with real value. Its not a easy task, but AVIS Team members will make that happen under the slogan of AVIS: ITS TIME TO CHANGE


3. What is AVIS Greens Invest Cyber Currency "AGi"?

50% of the Value of AGi are in 14 carat physical gold and 50% of AGi is a physical equity stake on the AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Parks. Each Industrial park convert the entire waste and garbage from any municipal population, industry and natural disasters into Nano Powder for the new 3D printing industry. Each industrial Park produces approximately GBP 80 Million income. Under agreements, a pre-agreed fractional percentage is paid and compounded to the AGi Cyber Currency.  These Industrial parks are the ultimate solution for any City in waste management, green energy production, organic food delivery and new 3D printing industry. AGi is a guaranteed product for pension funds and investor industry as the value is not speculative. 
The AGis will be physically delivered as soon as the 3D Printing of Gold coins is in place. The AVIS Team target delivery during 2018. The AGs will be offered to the public using as a private secured payment system with real value. 


4. How do I fund my AVISPay account?
Please use following steps:

4.1. Log in to your account.
4.2. Go to Transactions.
4.3. Enter the amount and select currency you would like to add to your account.
4.4. Select this deposit option simply click on the icon. Click “Send Money”
4.5. Check the amount and click “Confirm”
4.6. Transfer the amount you selected from your bank to the bank coordinates indicated and use the payment reference Number or follow the            instructions provided for processing the loading to your account.
4.7. AVISPay accepts loading of any existing forms from the banking industry.


5. Are there any fees associated with AVISPay?

AVISPAY may charge you a fee based on the fee structure. Please refer to https://avisbank.online/ for more details.
For trading accounts there are special conditions applicable to confirm the regulatory requirements. AVIS Bank will register any high-volume transfers with the regulators.


6. How long does it take to receive the money transferred into my account?

The money will be transferred to your account instantly in most cases. However between 2 and 5 banking days may be necessary depending on currency and volume of transfers.


7. Can I withdraw to any bank account worldwide?

With AVISPay you are able to transfer to any standard international bank including using the AVIS Bank Network for instant transfers and in any currency. For high volumes, your operator will help you. You are able to order Bankers Drafts or Bank Guarantees and SBLCs. 


8. Is it safe to use AVISPay Wallet?

Yes, AVISPay is secured. Through the new FinTech, Blockchain technology, 24-7 monitoring and SMS transaction verification for cardholders and a dedicated anti-fraud team, AVISPAY provides a totally secure safe online account method. The depository banks are high volume institutions and members of the AVIS Global Energy and AVIS Bank World Network. AVIS CapitalPLC underwrites all AVISPay transactions with GBP,00.capital backing. By using Blockchain design and dedicated security systems, AVISPay can´t be hacked nor monitored nor blocked by any country for political reason. The AVIS Bank Network will mantain on all continents multiple depository banks.


9. What is the difference between AVISPay and any other Bank?

AVISPay works as any other normal bank but without begging the banker in your bank filial? where you must personally visit. With AVISPay no appointment needs to be made and no waiting time. All works instantaneously and electronically. You have no need to apply for limits in receiving nor sending money around the World. There is no difference between Private, Industry or Institutional banking. All banking business depending on your level of requirements.


10. How can I get physical cash and where I can deposit physical cash into my AVISPay account?

Any AVISPay boutique, store, merchant, bank or agent will be able to deposit physical cash into your AVISPay account or pay you out physical cash.
How much physical money I can deposit or request? Depending of the local AVISPay agent membership status or local cash participant merchant.


11. What is AVISPay industrial Leasing?

How do you apply for industrial leasing?
AVIS Global Energy by its AVIS Capital PLC Fund offers to its AVIS Global Energy Franchise members up to 100% leasing for host location machinery and factory construction and equipment lease finance. Open an account by AVISPay and apply for your project financé.
Who can apply for a lease finance?
Any AVIS Franchise member
Any Collateral owner
Any Government
Any Humanitarian Organization


12. What is AVISPay for the broker and trading market

AVISPay with AVIS Bank network offers a wide range of broker support to the banking systems. This includes Euroclear membership, access for Bond and Shares trading, SBLC, BGs and any other financial system access.
For using these platforms, you must become a Trading account owner.
Read more


13. What is AVISPay for Merchants

Order one or several POS stations for your Shop, Industry or Institution. For Web or internet shop AVISPay offers limitless easy payment links. Integrated Invoicing System and connection to real time accounting. AVISPay can be used in the same way as the  likes of PayPal, however, the difference is AVISPay has no ristrictions and no limits. Any market is accepted.


14. AVISPay for securities trade

MTNs, Shares and any commodity will be handled and traded to your requirements managed by licensed broker dealers as member of the AVIS Global Energy Group.


15. AVISPay for handling SBLCs and Bank Guarantees

BGs, SBLs, and other securities can be brokered and traded, credited or forfeited.


16. How do I apply for a micro credit?

How works micro credit?
Open an account and apply for your Microcredit. AVIS Group of firms and host locations for AVIS Global Humanitarian Foundation will help for your Microcredit.

17. Can I pay with Mobil App?

AVISPay will provide Apps for IOS and Android using most modern and secure management system constantly updated in technology. 


18. What Credit Cards are available?

Green Card for Family and individuals
Gold Card for business and merchants
Black Card for VIPs high turnover
Gold/Platinum 50g 14 carat Gold or Platinum individual Art Card for capital management and trading
Gold/Platinum 50g 14 carat Gold or Platinum with top grade diamonds & individual Art Card design for capital management and trading


19. What Limits AVIS Cards have?


Green Card Fees GBP 25,00
Max Card Balance 20.000 GBP/EUR/USD
Max Card Load per year 80.000 GBP/EUR/USD
Max Card Load per month 20.000 GBP/EUR/USD
Max Card Load per 24 hours 6.000 GBP/EUR/USD
Max Card Load per transaction 6.000 GBP/EUR/USD
Minimum Card Load per transaction 10 GBP/EUR/USD
Max Purchase every 24 hours 20.000 GBP/EUR/USD
Max Purchase per transaction 20.000 GBP/EUR/USD
Max ATM Withdrawal per transaction 600 GBP/EUR/USD
Max ATM Withdrawal every 24 hours 3.000 GBP/EUR/USD

Gold Card Fee 100,00 GBP (business)
Max Card Balance 1.200.000 GBP/EUR/USD
Max Card Load per year 1.200.000 GBP/EUR/USD
Max Card Load per month 100.000 GBP/EUR/USD
Max Card Load per 24 hours 100.000 GBP/EUR/USD
Max Card Load per transaction 100.000 GBP/EUR/USD
Minimum Card Load per transaction 50 GBP/EUR/USD
Max Purchase every 24 hours 100.000 GBP/EUR/USD
Max Purchase per transaction 100.000 GBP/EUR/USD
Max ATM Withdrawal per transaction 600 GBP/EUR/USD (maximum possible depending country restrictions)
Max ATM Withdrawal every 24 hours 3.000 GBP/EUR/USD (maximum possible depending country restrictions)


Black Card Fees GBP 25.000,00
Unlimited turnover per month
Standard Service Merchants including payment gateway and POS Industry payments for trade service / Private & Business sector Micro Credit applications / Insurance High Speed trade access for the automatic reloading of expended funds on the Card day by day.


50g 14 Carat Gold/Platin ART Card Fees GBP 250.000,00
Platinum Account Initial deposit GBP 10.000.000,00
The Gold/Platinum Cards comes with a HJK Art leather wallet and with AVIS Titan high secured Art smart phone


50g 14 Carat Gold/Platin Diamond ART Card Fees GBP 500.000,00
Platinum Diamond Account Initial deposit GBP 100.000.000,00
The Gold/Platinum/ Diamond Cards comes with a HJK Art leather wallet and with AVIS Titan high secured Art smart phone
Leasing and Micro Credit applications / Overall Insurance coverage / Purchase and sell of first class bank debentures for infrastructure finance / contract executions / Own Bank debenture trade contract / Portfolio management / Loading private service / Worldwide cash service


20. What do I need for an AVISPay account registration?

Passport or ID Card
Utility bill (gas, electricity, phone etc.) not older then 90 days
or Biometric data scanning


21. How can I become an AVISPay Master distributor

Register your account and fill your master distributor formulary agreement
Upload your CV and your project development Idea
If accepted, you will be welcomed to the AVIS Team and receive your license for commencement of your AVISPay distribution project.


22. How much income I get as a master distributor


GBP 5.00 for a green card account
GBP 20.00 for a gold card business account
GBP 5.000,00 for a black card account
GBP 40.000,00 for a 50g gold/platinum card account
GBP 80.000,00 for a 50g gold/platinum diamond card account
5% of the fees produced by the master account clientel
Fees for trade of AVIS Shares
Fees for AVIS Greens trade
0,5% for AVIS EURO MTN trades
Fees are be paid automatically instantly of each event.



23. What are the fees for a master distribution license?

License Fee GBP 2.500,00


24. Can I control my client network?

Yes. You will have limited access to your clients listings and your networks users turnovers. 


25. How do I activate a trading account?

Activate the required level in your account.
Download the trading account creation form for signing and upload the contract into your account

Fill and sign the relevant documents, depending on your requirements. Send it to customer@avisbank.com 

Pay the fees of you trading account to one of the AVIS Bank network account


26. How much fees cost a trading account?

GBP 150.000,00 for the register and fees and must have minimum deposit (subject to latest fee list). Your account will only be active once you have paid the activation fee. Some of the services offered to public require to become a Joint Venture or Franchise Partner to the AVIS Global Group of Firms. 


27. What does a trading account do for me?

Access to full range of transfer systems
Personal Agent access
Trade of Bank securities, MTN, Bonds, SBLCs, BGs, Shares
Charge offline and online Debit Cards with no limits. (NOTE, offline Card payments having particular processing restrictions)
Institutional handling services of Forex, FX4, MT103 (202), manual, Target2, SEPA.. These services are available to active partners to the AVIS Group.
No limits generally
Private Placement securities access and trade
50g Gold/Platinum Card accounts has additional advantages and services
Each transaction is a particular agreement with AVIS Capital, AVIS Bank or any AVIS subsidiary with particular conditions. 


28.  Can I, as private individual, register a trading account?


Yes. AVISPay is designed for individuals, Businesses, Traders, Industry, Constructors, Institutions and Brookers. However, the AVIS Team will not validate nor process any proposed transaction for applicants before the trading account is established and the fees paid. 


AVIS is designed for the construction of green energy plant facilities. Therefore, AVIS will not make access to the internal system network for processing any potential transaction without a clear understanding and finance participation confirmed via the JV Franchise agreement.  


The trading accounts are serviced by AVIS Team members and the AVIS banks network as omnibus system below standard AML regulations. 


A trading account is not an individual account newly registering in the international banking system as some service needs maintaining a registered financial license from the JV Partner. 


Any interesting partner doing business with AVISPay and require a Trading account must join and support the AVIS green energy franchise network for the developing a new green live. 


Any potential new JV Franchise partner must be a sophisticated investor and must fund his trading account with the required minimal capital for the required trading activities costs. For further assistance contact the AVIS team by Skype                 or call AVIS free-toll +356 3550 5500


Any violation or potential alert of fraud or AML breach alert will terminate the trading account and any ongoing processing will be terminated with immediate effect. 


In case for a required transaction there is no service, ask the AVIS Team for search an adequate solution.


The AVISPay trading accounts are constantly under development until final formatting reached. The AVIS Team is adding any possible new service by using the latest IT technology.


Please be aware that some banking service could be for some time not available about technology processing reason.

29. Where will I find my account numbers and bank coordinates?

In your account hit the button "Deposit". Register your required amount and select the form of transfer you require. Then hit the button "Send Money". Then hit "Confirm". There you will see all details.


30. Can I receive payments from around the world by transfers and Cards?

Yes, by issuing invoices from your account to your clients. 
Yes, by registering Clients Cards for payments in your account.
Yes, by using the IBAN or account numbers and your account name as reference in your transfers to any bank of the AVIS Bank Network.
Yes, by adding the AVISPay payment link to an email send to your client. 
Yes, by register the payment link as payment service in any shop.

31. How I become a Franchise for transaction processing and how much does it cost?

Anyone deserves the right to become Franchise Partner to the AVIS Group of Firms, subject to AML Regulations. You are able to be an active Franchise Member for Green Energy Developments, Finance and Construction or a passive Franchise Member as a Financial supporter & Trader or Broker Dealer or Agent. The Banking system of AVIS and its security it's a High Fee important core technology for the AVIS Global Group of Firms and AVIS Bank. As a passive Franchise Member you must be a sophisticated investor and respect the AML regulations. For large transaction you must be the owner of at least 100,000 Franchise Shares. For Gold Status you must own 1o million or Gold/Diamond100 million Franchise Shares. Register your Franchise Membership here 

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