3D Printed Carbon Composite AVIS Tower

3D Printed Carbon Composite AVIS Tower

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200 Apartments between 85 to 600 m2 plus garden.

2318 Working satellites

45 Laboratories high secured

2 Server Centre

12 Restaurants

15 Coffee Shops

Indoor Pool

Social leaving area 10.000 m2

1000 parking spaces

Space 110 x110 direct construction area plus garden

12.100m2 plus 4800m2 garden

25 Floors with room high of 4 m

Apartment wing b40 x l30 m


Central tube 27 m diameter


Office screw tower ring 50m


25 floors office 34.775m2

1391m2 each floor offices 15m2

for each person

2300 working satellites

3 Basement laboratories each

16.900 m2

Heavy working laboratories