AVIS Prototype Drone 5

AVIS Prototype Drone 5

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Carbon Composite 3D printed 5 site E-Car - with drone function. The prototyping produced in Great Brittain will be soon available. The reverse Tesla engines generating about 300 horsepower each tires. That is enough power for winning any race. The Prototypes run at a powerful HMD Generator. 
The Nano powder employed for the artwork printing of the entirely car including the propulsion system has been generated out of rubbish milling by employing of VORTEX power



Full autopilot drone steering by smartphone & Satellite control 

Full all-round monitoring of obstacles and automatic course corrections in milliseconds

1000 km minimum range

>350 km per hour speed

>890 KW (1200HP) power

<800 Kg weight

SafeAir parachute secured system