Derivative Ordering Fee

Derivative Ordering Fee

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Construction needs secure payments. A standard format is a Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), Bank Guarantees (BG) Document Letter of Credit (DLC) or the new AVISPay bank system, whereby parties are able blocking funds in favour of trade business.

The securities will be delivered by standard first class, confirmed interbank SWIFT or any other bank communication


Please contact one of our agents by Skype ID avisglobal for completing your tailored personal agreement. We consider very carefully about any risk involved for your application. However, initially you must become a franchise member to the AVIS Group


Cost: multiply the basic fee ticket until you reach the fees agreed with the AVIS Agent. The fees will be blocked in your account until the issuance and delivery of the collateral is completed. Open your own easy going AVISPay account within some minutes


Please complete the Order form and KYC form

and send to: