Flat or Pyramide Greenhouse

Flat or Pyramide Greenhouse

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•Type of greenhouse: 8.00 meter span with double ceiling of 4.00 meters Venlo.

•Section size: 5.00 meters Centre downtown.

•Column-height: 6.00 meters (foundations for gutter).

•Front-height: 6.30 meters (floor like sewage).

•Column-size: 120 x 50/60.

•Ceiling: Revox System Dalsem 213.60 x 125.0 cm.

•Area: ± 102,997,50m² including the service area.

  • Ecologic Production

    •Protected agriculture - growing vegetables and other high-value horticultural crops in greenhouses - allows the Investors to cultivate any kind of crops even on small plots and marginal land areas with water shortages in the traditional culture is not viable.

    •Farmers in Greece increase cucumber yields by 60%; in northern Greece that reduce the use of chemicals by 80% without loss of yield /m2 .

  • Greenhouse Effect

    •Solar energy can be captured during periods of relative abundance (day time/summer), and released to drive the temperature during the coldest periods (night time/winter).

    •Livestock waste heat can also be used for heating greenhouses.

    •Electronic controllers and sensors are used to monitor temperature and adjust the climate control inside production area.


    •Ensures a fresh supply for photosynthesis and plant respiration air.

    •Regulates the temperature and humidity at the optimum level and to ensure the movement of air and therefore prevent the accumulation of plant pathogens.

    •The use of vents automatically controlled by a computer - and recirculation fans.

    •Clean CO2 injection from CHP