Vortex Mining Equipment

Vortex Mining Equipment

SKU: 1023

Mining technologies, "dry" methods of benefaction; Geological exploration and extraction of mineral resources;


Disintegration and dispersion of mineral raw materials, production of mineral powders and pigments;

New methods of useful element's extraction from ore concentrates; Mobile processing "Tornado" plants with a capacity of 1-2 ton/hour processing raw materials each unit.

The mining equipment set contains:

1 x 42 feet milling set with 3 VORTEX mills each 1-2 metric tones each hour

1 x 42 feet separation resonance tubes

1 x 42 feet container packaging automatic 

1 x 42 feet compressor and power generator (HMD ring reactor)

1 x 42 feet laboratory

1 x 42 feet office container

1 set of caterpillar and excavators 

3 x shredder 


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